What is a dosimeter?

Dosimeters are small devices that track an individual's exposure to radiation.
They are typically worn on the abdominal area of an individual.

What is dosimetry service?

Dosimetry service is the sending and receiving of dosimeter badges for analysis and report.  Dosimeters are worn for a designated time:  monthly, quarterly or annually.  At the end of wear period, the badges are sent to the lab to be analyzed and a report is generated and sent to you.

Do dosimeters keep me safe?

Dosimeters do not protect or shield individuals from exposure to radiation.
They do, however, collect critical data about how much radiation an individual is exposed to.

Are your dosimeters NVLAP accredited?

O ur dosimetry supplier is NVLAP accrediated under Laboratory ID: 200666-0 .  Search the NVLAP directory here

How much does dosimetry service cost?

Dosimetry service costs are dependent on the  type, frequency, and amount of badges needed.    Please contact us for more information.